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Phi Kappa Tau

Alumni Weekend

The Dates have already been set for next year's alumni weekend.

The event is scheduled for April 27th - 29th 2018. Remember, it is never to early to get your hotel reservations.

Alumni Weekend Report

Beta Omega chapter hosted another successful Alumni Weekend on April 28-29. There was an impressive turnout of people eager to revisit their fraternity days, to catch up on each other's lives and to get acquainted with the actives.

Graduate Council President Marcus Dubois led the annual meeting on Saturday morning. Highlights:

The chapter now boasts 88 active members!

All rents and dues are current.

The house is looking better than it has in years. Not only are the residents keeping it clean, but many improvement and maintenance issues have been addressed, including new gas ranges in the kitchen, new basement lighting, exterior fence upgrade, a new exterior wood fence, new back porch and several plumbing and safety improvements.

Pending projects include siding and eave repair, exterior paint, porch realignment, kitchen lockers, kitchen renovation and a metal storage building. A new roof is likely on the horizon within a very few years.

Many thanks are deserved to those who were involved in these projects, but particularly alum Tony Edler for his management and oversight.

Jeff Huckins, Beta Omega Scholarship Foundation (BOSF) Chair, reported funds are available and growing for ongoing and impending house repairs and scholarships.

The Beta Omega Scholarship Foundation and contributing alumni are regularly awarding almost $4,000 each semester in scholarships.

Tony Edler, BOG House advisor, and Don Franklin, BOG President, received Certificates of Appreciation for their dedication and outstanding contributions to the chapter.

Mike Oliver was presented a Phi Award from National for his years of productive service on the BOG.

Alum John Gray once again prepared his delicious tri-tip BBQ for 120 hungry diners.

It was generally agreed by the alums that the chapter and the house are in better shape than they have been for many years, and Beta Omega is unquestionably on the upswing.

Next year is Beta Omega's 60th anniversary. Mark your calendars now for the weekend of April 28 for a very special celebration and dinner. Details will be forthcoming, so stay tuned to this website.


I have received an email from the BOG Chairman Don Franklin about the current Scholarship winners.


Once again, it is that time of year, and as always I am thanking you for supporting our chapter. We have all of the Scholarship winners except the John Gray House award. Am still waiting on the applications for this.

The other winners are:

BOSF Outstanding Member In the House - Michael Catelli $300

BOSF Outstanding Member Out of House - Christian Doll $300

BOSF Outstanding Officer - Jett Uribe $400

New Member Highest GPA - Albert Ujcic (3.12 GPA) That is $ 156 each from Doug Hall and myself

Most Improved GPA - Nicholas Jackson Spring 2016- 2.00 GPA, Fall 2016- 3.53 GPA That is $100 each from Tom Gosnell, Mike Oliver, and Tony Edler

Please send your checks to Jeff Huckins, PO Box 65, Woodland, CA, 95776.

Thanks again for all that you do!


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Major Repairs that have been done to the House

Tony Edler, the BOG House Maintenance Advisor has supervised and worked on some projects for the house. Those include major repairs on the font and back porches with new floor boards and supports. click on the link below for a full account of what has been done with pictures.

House Repairs .

Phi Kappa Tau Front Porch Phi Kappa Tau Front Porch

Photo Gallery
Phi Kappa Tau

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