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Phi Kappa Tau Alumni Pictures

The pictures are now categorized in a new picture gallery. The gallery is easy to navigate and allows the user to add comments and rate the photos.

Click here to go the picture gallery: Phi Kappa Tau Chico - Picture Gallery Phi Kappa Tau Chico - Picture Gallery

Add comments

I have a lot of pictures where I do not know the people's names and I would like to add them to the picture caption. If you can be any help with the names of the people in the pictures or what the activity was please add a commnet under the picture, I would greatly apprecitate it.

Submit your photos

If you have photos and would like to send them to me I will add them to the collection. You can send them to the Webmaster. If the amount of photos is too large to email I have a web service that you can download the photos to their server and I can copy them to the Phi Tau website. If you don't have the ability to scan your photos you can send them to me and I will scan them and send them back to you.

Any problems viewing the pictures or questions please send me an email.

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